Linda Wevill

Linda Wevill FRPS DPAGB EFIAP presented a huge number of prints for her talk Before and After My Fellowship. The first images shown were her successful ones for the DPAGB distinction which were mainly landscapes. The next was her successful FRPS panel, being an ardent sailor she chose pulleys and rings associated with sailing as her subject and blended them with images of the sea.

Linda often copies an image to make two layers, taking the clarity down on the top one and then bringing focused parts of the bottom layer through the top layer, finishing off with a white layer to soften the whole effect. She does this to great effect. Another tip was to take part of a picture, for example a petal, and stretch it over an image, using transform in Photoshop, to create a layer of colour; you can then use Opacity in the layer to bring the underlying image through. Another tip was the use of textured layers, using a layer mask to bring out the bits you want can be very effective. A very entertaining evening by Linda left members yearning to see more of her stunning images.

Andy Beel

The 9th February talk was The Digital Monochrome Print by Andy Beal FRPS. Andy stressed that the camera was just a tool to record an idea. He produced two prints of the same image, one printed in the flat raw format which had no processing and one after processing showing what can be achieved. Andy was full of tips to improve the taking and processing of monochrome prints, such as think about texture, contrast and brightness. When using a wide angle lens fill the foreground, the wider the angle the nearer you need to get to the foreground object (eg boulder). Expose for highlights process the shadows. Think about the lighting for the type of print you want to make. Photograph the light and not the landscape and when processing, lighten what you want to look at and darken everything else. In the second half of the evening Andy demonstrated various methods, on the computer, of how he processed and achieved his dramatic monochrome images.

John Crabb

Birds in Flight was the title of an excellent talk given by John Crabb on February 2. John started off his love of bird photography by utilising a piece of drainpipe to attach a point and shoot camera to a Digiscope. He then progressed to a Canon 7D and a 400mm f5.6 prime lens. The first half of the evening was about the birds in his garden. With his love of gadgets he decided to make a sensor that would trip the camera to photograph them in flight. John demonstrated the various types he made along his way to discovering the latest one of his that produced some really exquisite bird flight shots. He has even had some published in the Daily Mail! The second part of the evening was devoted to other wild birds from around the South West region. The evening sped by as members were so enthralled with all of John’s excellent photographs.

Competition Results - Prints3 2014/15

The third Print Competition was held on February 16 with David Snowden of Devon as judge. There were two categories Sports and Open.

Sports Results: First Roger Thomas with Exeter Chiefs v The Blues, second Ed Burrows LRPS with Watergate Fun, third Tony Dunkley with The Bowler. Highly Commended were Mike Birbeck FRPS with Jet Skier, Glynis Dunkley with Motocross, Tony Dunkley with The Batsman and Jack Rose FRPS with Camargue Style Bull Baiting.

Open Results: First Caroline Briggs LRPS with View of Rain from Beer, second Roger Thomas with Boxing Day Walk, third Magdalena Ward with Aurelia. Highly Commended were Caroline Briggs LRPS with Craig and The Fourth Plinth, Ken Kedward with Lights, Camera…..but not much Action and George Reekie DPAGB with Blue Tit.

Competition Results - DPIC3 2014/15

The 3rd Digital Projected Image Competition of the season occurred on Monday January 19. There was just one category, Open, judged by Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB AFIAP.
Results:  First and winner of the Kenyon Salver David Morton DPAGB with Contemporary Movement; second Pauline Watling CPAGB with Thundercat Racing; 3rd George Reekie DPAGB with Escaping.
Highly Commended were Pauline Watling CPAGB with Fox, George Reekie DPAGB with Osprey Fishing, Ed Burrows LRPS with To the Finish.

The Judge also gave a Commended to Glynis Dunkley with Baboons and Harley Biker and Nick Cable with The Hungry Kingfisher.