Ian Smith CPAGB - All Stitched Up

After a very successful summer events program the club welcomed new and old members to the first meeting of the new season. Ian Smith CPAGB with his talk on ‘All Stitched Up’ opened the evening with how he creates panoramic images. He produced his photographic kit which consisted of a camera on a tripod with a special panoramic head; the secret of good panoramas was to keep the tripod perfectly even with a spirit level. He also advised freehand can be used. Ian produced digital panoramas in the first half of the evening and prints in the second. He uses two programs Auto Pano Pro and PT Gui as you can get different results from different programs and different results from using the same program again. The camera can be held in landscape or portrait mode and any number of images can be taken, Ian has used more than 50 images for one panorama, although a fast computer with lots of memory is required for converting a large amount of images. He uses manual settings and sometimes manual focusing. Ian also suggested using the lightest point of the image, ISO 100-200, Aperture from f/11 upwards as a starting point for settings. Images can be overlapped from one third to two thirds according to how long the panorama is. One tip Ian divulged in was to use the warp tool in Photoshop to correct converging lines rather than the distortion tool as quality is not affected as it is in the latter one. A printer which can use paper rolls is needed to print panoramas.

Summer Exhibition

Taunton Camera Club’s annual exhibition of prints is now showing at the County Library in Paul Street, Taunton. Come along and see the work of our members. The exhibition runs until Friday 8th August.

My day out with Nick and David - by Martin Taylor

Nick and David's photographic workshop. As this was something of a new venture for the club I thought that I would book a place and write a review of my day. This may appear to be a ringing endorsement of the day but only because it was worth doing. I can assure you that had the day not lived up to my expectations I would have been just as enthusiastic with my criticism of events.

I've previously undertaken a couple of day courses to help my photography along, one was with too many other people to be helpful and the other didn't really advance my technical knowledge or composition skills which had been a prime reason to take part in the day out.

So I was somewhat apprehensive about 'my day out with Nick and David', based on previous experiences this could have been a long day. Well it was a long day, a very long day, during which I didn't look at my watch once because I was so gripped with what was going on.

We met at the Holiday Inn, Taunton and set off for Porlock Weir, returning briefly to collect my glasses from my car! Travel time was not wasted time as it was a chance to talk 'photography'. After a quick coffee it was on to the morning session, taking shots of the beach groynes.

One feature that I was vaguely aware of on my camera was 'live view', Nick set his gear up and did a quick demo. David and Nick then assisted the three of us to set our equipment up, think about composition and talked us through how to get the best out of live view. The big stopper filter was produced and we all tried our hand at using this.

After lunch we moved to Selworthy Church to tackle some low light photography and how to tackle bracketing. We finished up in a tea shop to review our days efforts.

I suspect that we have all suffered training courses where the trainer wants to be the star of the show and demonstrate just how much they know and how little you know. Well Nick and David complement each other extremely well, they support , advise and inform in the right amounts at the right time.

One on one tuition can be overpowering and not for everyone, for me the day worked superbly well I came home with more knowledge and was more inspired to try out what I had learnt, oh and I came home with a bright red face, pack sun screen next time.

Not sure if this would be for you? Why not talk to David and Nick and find out for yourself.


Competition Results - Image of the Year 2013/14

Pete McCloskey FRPS was the judge for the Image of the Year Competition on May 12. There were two categories, Print of the Year and Digital Projected Image of the Year.

This competition was for images that had already won an award during the year re the clubs eight competitions and included the Beginners section.

Print of the Year: First Mike Birbeck FRPS with Dreadlocks with Attitude; second David Daggar with The Good Shepherd; third Linda Brunsch with End of the Day. Highly Commended were Tony Dunkley with Wildcat and Pauline Watling with two images - In the Mud and Female Chaffinch.

Digital Image of the Year: First David Daggar with Dummies; second Glynis Dunkley with Orang-utan Baby; third Jacek Szwiec with Bird. Highly Commended were Nick Cable with Behind the Looking Glass, Magdalena Ward with Flowers and Lollipops, Pauline Watling with Mud Wrestling.

Competition Results - League Tables 2013/14

The club held eight competitions during September 2013 to April 2014, four for prints and four for digital images, members receive points according to each award they receive.

League positions are as follows:

The top ten positions in the print competition are: First Pauline Watling CPAGB with 65 Points; second Vic Crease 41; third Linda Brunsch 33; fourth Ted Strawson 28; fifth Mike Birbeck FRPS 27; sixth Glynis Dunkley 24; seventh Roger Thomas 22; eighth Tony Dunkley 21; ninth Tony Drew 20; joint tenth Caroline Briggs, David Daggar ARPS, David Harper, Jack Rose FRPS 18.

The top ten positions in the digital image competition are: First Pauline Watling CPAGB with 49 points; second Magdalena Ward 40; third Glynis Dunkley 33; fourth Caroline Briggs 26; fifth Linda Brunsch 24; sixth David Daggar ARPS 23; joint seventh Nick Cable, Roger Thomas 19; ninth Tony Bagwell 18; tenth John Bebbington FRPS 17.