Competition Results - DPIC3 2015/16

The third Digital Photographic Image Competition of the year occurred on Monday January 11. Mike Birbeck FRPS kindly stood in for the reserved judge, which meant he had to forgo his entry. Mike proved to be one of the best judges we have had at the club, his vast experience proved to be needed as there were so many excellent images to sort through! Thank you Mike!                                                              
There were two categories, Open and Sport.                                                        
Open Result: First Magdalena Ward with The Plait; second John Bebbington FRPS with Mayfly Roosting; third Magdalena Ward with Melina. Highly Commended were Ed Burrows LRPS with Wait for Me, Nick Cable CPAGB with Once More unto the Breach and Alan Grant DPAGB with Kingfisher in the Rain.                                                             
Sport Result: First George Reekie DPAGB with Dirt Riders; second Alan Grant DPAGB with Raging Waters;  third Debbie Gould with Superman.  Highly Commended were Nick Cable CPAGB with Freestyle, George Reekie DPAGB with It’s Mine, Roger Thomas with The Pass.
The yearly En-print competition was won by Tony Dunkley with Portland Bill Lighthouse.

David Morton

Member David Morton DPAGB very kindly agreed to step in at the last moment and present a wonderful evening in December, full of his excellent images. He started with his trip to Lofoten, Norway, which is in the Arctic Circle. Although he experienced adverse weather conditions, he still managed to get many superb photographs. The last night proved to be exciting as the group hired snow mobiles. These enabled them to travel to an ideal spot for photographing the Aurora Borealis. David displayed the settings he used in camera which was very useful and interesting. He also showed various highlights of his photographic journey of 2015, including Wellington, the Cairngorms, Chelsea, Brecon Beacons and Bordeaux. He also included in his program time lapse and multi exposure images

Bob Bishop

The first meeting of the New Year brought Yet More Images from speaker Bob Bishop LRPS. He started off with landscapes from Scotland and the Lake District. He advised that when taking reflections on water, it is best to use a slow shutter speed as it makes the reflections more visible. Other images were from Tanzania, Serengeti, Prague, Bristol, Wells and Whitby. Bob advised to always keep your shutter finger ready as you never know when you need it!

Competition Results - Prints2 2015

Landscape_1st_NC_River Teign In Autumn
The second print competition was held on Monday December 7 and judged by Peter Ottley. There were two categories, Landscape and Open.

Landscape Result: First Nick Cable CPAGB with River Teign in Autumn, second Richard Baker with Land, Sea and Sky, third Caroline Briggs LRPS with Bamburgh Sunset. Highly Commended were Jeanne Bradban LRPS with Reine, Linda Brunsch with River Dart and Nick Cable CPAGB with Utakleiv Beach.

Open Result: First Gillian Birbeck ARPS with Newly Emerged Leaves, second Caroline Briggs LRPS with Tulip in the Wind, third Roger Thomas with Motion. Highly Commended were Mike Birbeck FRPS with Seat Patterns South Shields, Alan Grant DPAGB with Bee Eater Perch Dispute and Pauline Watling CPAGB with Doggy Fun.

November round-up

Mid November saw members enjoy the latest Pics on Sticks evening. These evenings encourage members to display images not normally entered in competitions. Some produced Audio Visuals which added to the entertainment.

The following week, member Tom Wielkopolski kept members enthralled with an account of his photographic holiday to Gribbell Island. Tom wanted to photograph the bears of the region, particularly the Kermode bear. These bears are rarer than the Panda and only 1/10 of their population have white coats. Not only did Tom manage to photograph these rare white bears but he also managed to photograph black bears and grizzlies as well. He battled against horrendous weather to create some superb images. An added bonus of his holiday was to see and photograph whales, a brilliant evening!

The last lecture of the month was by Alison Price ARPS FRSA and Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA entitled A Walk on the Wild Side. They produced excellent Audio Visuals of the different animals and birds they encountered on their travels to Africa, Alaska, Antarctica and Borneo. They look for something different in their images and try to convey the emotions of the subject, which at times was very poignant. A superb evening!