Competition Results - DPIC3 2014/15

The 3rd Digital Projected Image Competition of the season occurred on Monday January 19. There was just one category, Open, judged by Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB AFIAP.
Results:  First and winner of the Kenyon Salver David Morton DPAGB with Contemporary Movement; second Pauline Watling CPAGB with Thundercat Racing; 3rd George Reekie DPAGB with Escaping.
Highly Commended were Pauline Watling CPAGB with Fox, George Reekie DPAGB with Osprey Fishing, Ed Burrows LRPS with To the Finish.

The Judge also gave a Commended to Glynis Dunkley with Baboons and Harley Biker and Nick Cable with The Hungry Kingfisher.

The start of 2015

The first meeting of the New Year was by long term member Tony Bagwell who produced several entertaining Audio Visuals. The second meeting had members displaying images from a ‘to take’ list produced earlier in the season. Members were also able to show images for discussion.

A round up of the meetings at the end of 2014

The last few weeks have been busy at the club with Janet Haines ARPS DPAGB AFIAP with her talk on Widening your Horizons, members Audio Visual and Lecture evenings and Pro Photographer Jeff Morgan with HDR.

Janet talked about how the challenge of working towards PAGB and RPS distinctions improves your photography. She proceeded to describe what is needed to obtain each type of distinction and how useful club support sessions can be in this quest. The types of images to aim for are ones with impact, easy to understand and not complicated and technically high quality.

The clubs Audio Visual evening was very entertaining with AV’s from David Daggar, George Reekie, Glenys Taylor, Helen Evans, Judy Craig, Ted Strawson, Tony Bagwell, Tony Dunkley and Tom W.

Jeff started his talk with images he has used HDR with (High Dynamic Range) to show how useful it can be and the range of images it can be used for. He uses multi images taken with different exposures and a combination of Photoshop and Photomatix. Photoshop HDR being best for nature shots and Photomatix for more grungy effects. The second half of the evening Jeff demonstrated how he uses the programs.

Early December saw James Osmond deliver his talk about Wild West Country, a location guide to the West Country, exploring composition, light and frame merging techniques. He produced images from various parts of the West Country besides giving tips on Photoshop. One tip was how to deal with lens flare, another was how to merge photo’s using different exposures to obtain the ideal image and another was how to get front to back focus on a landscape image.

An evening with TCC members Judy Craig and David Daggar ARPS was another December talk. Judy started the evening with Audio Visuals of a challenge she did taking one photograph per day for one year. Other AV’s were about the Berlin Wall, Woodpecker and Ryewater Revisited. David produced some still images and some Audio Visuals as well. His AV’s were At Close Quarters which was about sailing, Faces and Robert Doisneau 1912-1994.

Mike Birbeck FRPS critiqued the En-print Competition held at the last meeting of 2014. Members chose their favourites out of all the entries and the overwhelming winner was Magdalena Ward.

Competition Results - Prints2 2014/15

The second Print Competition of the season was held on December 1, there were two categories Portraits and Open. The judge was Pete McCloskey FRPS.

Portrait Result:  First and winner of the Clare Wallis Trophy was Magdalena Ward with Dominik; second Tony Dunkley with The Biker; third Ed Burrows LRPS with Hello. Highly commended were Ed Burrows LRPS with Craig, Glynis Dunkley with Olivia and Susie.

Open Result:  First Ted Strawson with Riverside; second Dennis Read with Cattle Egret Preening; third Pauline Watling CPAGB with Harvest Mice. Highly Commended were Gillian Birbeck ARPS with Not the Good Samaritan, Tony Dunkley with Nick Compton Out and Pauline Watling CPAGB with Women’s Mud Wrestling.

Sydenham Battle 2014

The annual Competition with Bridgwater Photographic Society on November 17 was won by Taunton Camera Club by 526 to 507 points. The prints total was Taunton 265, Bridgwater 261 and projected total was Taunton 261, Bridgwater 246. Taunton gained the maximum 20 points on six photographs and Bridgwater on four. The judge was Tony Byram EFIAP, ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB.