Club Rules

Taunton Camera Club Rules

1. The name of the club shall be the “Taunton Camera Club”.

2. The object of the club shall be to promote the interest of photography, and shall be carried out by means of lectures, competitions, outings and such other means as may be decided upon from time to time.

3. The affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee to be elected at each Annual General Meeting, for office in the next club season (commencing in the following September).

4. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January or February of each year.

5. The Committee shall consist of: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Programme Secretary, Social Secretary and WCPF Representative. Other members will be elected as appropriate at the AGM to a maximum of 12 in total. At committee meetings six members shall form a quorum of whom not less than two must be officers. The committee may co-opt additional members to a maximum of 12 in total.

6. A President shall be appointed by the Committee, at their discretion, as an honour for services rendered to the club. This office shall be held for one year only at a time.

7. The Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at general and committee meetings.

8. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all subscriptions and other monies, and shall make all necessary payments. The Treasurer shall lay before the committee a statement of accounts for the previous club season, duly audited by some person appointed for the purpose at a general meeting. These audited accounts shall be available for inspection at the AGM.

9. The Committee shall have power to recommend to a general meeting the election of such honorary members as it thinks desirable.

10. The Committee shall have power to suspend any member.

11. The annual subscriptions, meeting charges for members and visitors shall be as recommended by the outgoing committee each year and agreed at a general meeting of the club.

12. Only paid-up members are eligible to vote at business meetings and to enter Taunton Camera Club competitions.

13. When business is to be transacted at a general meeting, seven days notice of the items to be discussed shall be given.

14. The Committee may, at any time, call an extraordinary general meeting of the club by giving seven days notice. Such a meeting may also be called on the written requisition of one third of the members of the club, provided fourteen days notice is given.

15. No rules shall be made, rescinded or amended without the consent of a majority of two thirds of the members present at a general meeting.

16. In the event of anything occurring not provided for or not clear in the foregoing rules, the Committee shall have power to deal with the same at their discretion.

17. The club may be dissolved only by the consent of three quarters of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Such a meeting shall appoint a liquidator for the disposal of all club funds and assets. All funds and proceeds from the sale of assets will be donated to St Margaret’s Somerset Hospice.

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